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Interview with Denmark Ambassador:
Denmark-Japan Collaborations on Wind Power

[Impact Interview]: Denmark-Japan Collaborations on Wind Power

Denmark is taking the lead in floating offshore wind turbines, aiming for them to make up 50% of fixed bottom capacity by 2030. In collaboration with Japan, Denmark is establishing the International Innovation Center for Floating Offshore Wind Energy to set global standards and strengthen industry sustainability. In this Impact Interview with H.E. Peter Taksøe-Jensen, Ambassador of Denmark to Japan, Royal Danish Embassy, we explore the collaborative initiatives between Denmark and Japan in the offshore wind energy sector.

Insights Brought to You by:

H. E. Peter Taksøe-Jensen

Ambassador of Denmark to Japan


Royal Danish Embassy

We have big big potential for offshore wind, but it's essential to set up framework to guide our stakeholders.


Reporter’s Notes:

In this episode, we discussed...

  • Denmark-Japan Offshore Wind Collaboration: Aligning Expertise and Goals

  • Wind Power Integration: Denmark's Regulatory Fortitude in Wind Power Dynamics

  • Renewable Energy Promotion and Japan's Energy Security: Insights from Denmark

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