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Impact Interview:
INPEX Corporation's Strategic Pursuit in Wind Energy

[Impact Interview]: INPEX Corporation's Strategic Pursuit in Wind Energy

INPEX CORPORATION, Japan's leading exploration and production (E&P) company, is at the forefront of projects spanning diverse continents. Focused on strategic expansion, INPEX is set to intensify its participation in wind power generation and associated sectors, with the goal of reaching a 10% share of renewable energy in its long-term project portfolio. In this interview, we have the privilege of conversing with Mr. Yoshikazu Ichimaru, General Manager of the Technical Unit in the Renewable Energy & New Business Division at INPEX Corporation. In this interview, we explore INPEX Corporation's strategic entry into the wind energy sector.

Reporter’s Notes:

In this episode, we discussed...

  • INPEX's Oil and Gas Proficiency for Renewable Energy Advancement

  • Navigating Wind Project Challenges: INPEX's Strategic Approach

  • INPEX's International Partnerships to Drive Wind Energy Initiatives and Market Expansion

Insights Brought to You by:

Yoshikazu Ichimaru

General Manager, Technical Unit, Renewable Energy & New Business Division


INPEX Corporation

We are now beginning our work on offshore wind projects, drawing on our experience in oil and gas. In the long term, we definitely want to pass the floating wind opportunities, given Japan's huge potential’s in this area...


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