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DAY 1 Morning Session

17 June: 09:10-12:10

DAY 1 Afternoon Session

17 June: 14:00-16:00

DAY 2 Morning Session

18 June: 09:10-12:10

DAY 2 Afternoon Session

18 June: 14:00-16:20


9:00-9:05am (5 mins)

Welcome Address

Leader Associates

9:05-9:10am (5 mins)

Opening Address



9:10-9:30am (20 mins)

[Keynote] Wind Energy Policy Adjustment under the Rapid Growth and Huge Potential

  • The implementation of environment impact assessment (EIA)

  • The promotion of offshore wind projects in port areas

  • The regulation of offshore wind in the general sea areas

9:30-10:10am (20 mins x 2)

[Keynote] Mapping out Wind Projects in the Main Hubs

  • Mapping out ambitious long-term goals for wind power generation

  • Detailed local prefecture's support, including investments, foreign manufacturers of wind turbines and blades to build local supply chains.

10:30-11:20am (50 mins)

[Panel] Utility's Leading Role & Support Towards Wind Energy Development

  • Offshore transmission

  • Onshore landing grid build-out

  • Offering Japanese companies the chance to become international leaders in the design and construction that address some of the island's challenges

11:20-12:10am (50 mins)

[Panel] Global Engagement and Localisation

  • Chance for non-Japanese companies to participate in the projects

  • The status of local wind technology development and internatinal lessons

  • Speed up the development of wind power

Afternoon Session

14:00-14:50 (50 mins)

[Panel] Innovative Ways to Fit Japan-Featured Wind Energy

  • More than 60 meters surrounding the country

  • Withstand typhoons, tsunamis, and earthquakes

  • Low wind speeds

14:50-15:50 (30 mins x 2)

[Technical Box] Thinking Demonstrator 

  • (14:50 - 15:20) Digitization in Wind Efforts

  • (15:20 - 15:50) Emerging Floating Wind Solutions

16:20-17:10 (50 mins)

[Panel] Supply Chain Development with Foreign Involvement

  • The balance between domestic and foreign

  • Raise up the wind power industry in Japan

  • Create jobs and activate the local economy

17:10-18:00 (50 mins)

[Panel] Focus in the Increasingly Friendly Wind Energy Investment Environment

  • Tax deduction of up to 10% of capital expenditures for companies investing in green tech

  • Effective use-right negotiation

  • The future implemention of FIP

DAY TWO AGENDA-Offshore Wind Day // 18 JUNE 2021

9:00-9:05am (5 mins)

Welcome Address

Leader Associates

9:05-9:10am (5 mins)

Opening Address



9:10-9:30am (20 mins)

[Keynote] Accelerate Offshore Wind Power Development in Japan

  • Roadmap for japan offshore auctions

  • Local content requirements

  • Use of the ocean and the potential impacts of offshore wind farms

9:30-9:50am (20 mins)

[Keynote] Detailed Offshore Wind Energy Certification Guidance

  • Type certification for wind turbines

  • Wind farm certification

  • Manufacturing evaluation for wind turbine supporting structures

10:20-11:10am (50 mins)

[Panel] Fixed or Floating - What is Japan's Appetite?

  • Competition in government policy and support

  • Environmental suitability

  • Standard type

11:10-12:00am (50 mins)

[Panel] The Long-term Cost Reduction Potential of Offshore Wind in Japan

  • The next breakthrough for floating wind to drive down LCOE

  • Best practices sharing

  • Ways to solve the grid connection problem

Afternoon Session

14:00-15:00 (30 mins x 2)

[Case Study] Pioneer Project & New Application

  • (14:00 - 14:30) Japan's First Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farm

  • (14:30 - 15:00) Call for paper

15:00-15:30 (30 mins)

[Keynote] The 2nd Offshore Wind Auction Interpretation and its Market Meaning

  • The 2nd offshore wind power auction for 4 sites with the deadline of 27 May 2021

  • The 1st auction for fixed bottom type at General Common Sea Area in Japan

15:30-16:20 (50 mins)

[Panel] Undertake the Massive Risks of Offshore Wind Farms

  • Insurance consideration of earthquake, typhoon and lightning

  • Expected Funding Models up to 2030

  • Ways to make the cash flow more healthy and attract more investment


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