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Impact Webinar:
Driving Japan's Green Energy Revolution: Unleashing Wind to Hydrogen Potential

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[Impact Webinar] Driving Japan's Green Energy Revolution: Unleashing Wind to Hydrogen Potential

Date & Time: 16:30-18:00 JST, September 19

Format: Digital Conference

Webinar Background:

Japan's journey toward achieving net-zero emissions presents a distinctive route due to the country's specific challenges. In pursuit of both energy affordability and independence, the synergistic combination of wind and hydrogen emerges as a potential solution for a meticulously planned future. Comparable to efforts in Germany and the UK, where hybrid projects intertwining wind, hydrogen, and ammonia are fervently advancing. Could this approach serve as an innovative strategy for Japan's sustained progress toward net-zero goals in the long term? In this webinar, we cordially extended an invitation to prominent industry stakeholders to delve into, discuss, and deliberate upon the wind-hydrogen ecosystem's scope and opportunities within the unique context of Japan.

Recording Timestamps:

03:00 - 23:00 | [Keynote] Can Integration of Offshore Wind and Hydrogen Create Opportunities for Japan

Mr. Masahiro Tanabe, Counsel, White & Case

23:00 - 1:00:00 | [Keynote] International Case Study: The Co-development of Offshore Wind and Hydrogen

Ms. Aleksandra Vuks, Team Lead, Offshore Hydrogen in Germany, Nordics, and APAC, RWE 

1:00:00 - 1:50:00 | [Leadership’s Dialogue]: Crafting Japan's Wind-Hydrogen Future – Where, When, How?


Mr. Rowan von Spreckelsen, Head of Research – APAC, Aurora Energy Research


Mr. Nikolaus Boltze,Country Representative for Japan, Korea and Oceania, thyssenkrupp AG Mr. Tadahiro Kaneko, Senior Assistant to Unit Heads of Global Banking & Wholesale, Sumitomo Mitsubishi Banking Corporation

Mr. Hidetaka Endo, GX Business Advisor, Technology Development Office, Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha

Our Key Highlights:

1. Wind-to-Hydrogen: Paving the Way for Japan's Energy and Carbon Reduction Revolution

Transmitting electricity from northern offshore wind projects to major cities and achieving carbon reduction in industry and transportation pose dual challenges. Wind-to-hydrogen technology offers a solution by converting offshore wind energy into hydrogen, effectively reducing emissions. The exploration incorporates case studies like the Ishikari Bay Wind-to-Hydrogen Pilot Project and the Akita Next Generation Energy Consortium, both receiving government subsidies. Japan's government is preparing to introduce a range of subsidy contracts to ensure equitable returns for hydrogen suppliers. These subsidies will be determined based on the gap between the government-negotiated base price and the market reference price, typically tied to natural gas prices.

2. Steering Offshore Hydrogen Production Toward Commercial Success

Offshore hydrogen production, a promising frontier, faces complexities that have delayed its journey to commercialization. However, this innovative sector offers compelling advantages, including cost-effectiveness at remote offshore locations, efficient space utilization, access to vital water resources, and potential pipeline infrastructure repurposing. Government support and collaboration are essential for advancing this emerging industry. Notably, both onshore and offshore green hydrogen can coexist, with the choice dictated by specific circumstances. As the offshore hydrogen production sector evolves, an open-minded, cooperative approach is crucial to navigate towards optimal technology and commercial solutions.

3. Cultivating Sustainability: Mapping Japan's Journey to Wind and Hydrogen Power Solutions

In Japan, the wind energy and hydrogen-ammonia sectors are leading the way in sustainable energy development. Both sectors share a challenge: cost-effective green electricity for hydrogen production and competitive hydrogen pricing. The GX Action Plan is designed to respond to these critical issues, demonstrating Japan's commitment to a greener future:

  • Validation and Hurdles: While water electrolysis for hydrogen and ammonia supply chains is technically sound, practical challenges persist. These include financing, stakeholder coordination, and complex regulatory hurdles. Additionally, infrastructure, supply chains, and regional disparities must be carefully considered for successful technology adoption.

  • Slow Offshore Wind Progress: Offshore wind development in Japan lags. Overcoming this requires extensive stakeholder collaboration, especially with fishermen and residents. Floating offshore wind shows promise but needs to address technical and economic concerns.

  • Hydrogen and Ammonia's Role: Vital for Japan's carbon reduction, hydrogen and ammonia need tailored government support and substantial investments for scalability. The GX Bill is a positive step, but its effectiveness requires ongoing monitoring.

In summary, Government guidance, innovation, and international cooperation drive progress. Addressing cost issues is essential to attract investments. The GX Action Plan reaffirms Japan's dedication to a greener future, tackling challenges head-on.

Insights Brought to You by:

Nikolaus Boltze

Country Representative for Japan, Korea and Oceania 


thyssenkrupp AG


Aleksandra Vuks

Team Lead, Offshore Hydrogen in Germany, Nordics, and APAC



Hidetaka Endo

GX Business Advisor, Technology Development Office


Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha


Masahiro Tanabe


White & Case


Tadahiro KANEKO

Senior Assistant to Unit Heads of Global Banking & Wholesale 


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC)


Rowan von Spreckelsen

Head of Research – APAC

Aurora Energy Research


Kayla Shi

Content Analyst

Leader Associates

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